Campfire is a new restaurant experience coming soon to Evergreen, CO.  Live-fire cooking from restaurant duo Jared & Amanda Leonard.  Centered around a 4,000 lb. wood-fired rotisserie cooker, Jared’s  menu celebrates the timeless tradition of cooking over an open fire.  Grilled vegetables, smoked meats, chicken, fish, small-plate sides, and a pickling program.  

Naturally leaved, hearth baked bread.  

Fresh juice, coffee, and active lifestyle foods in the morning.  

Campfire will include an expansive outdoor seating area, open kitchen, and patio-focused cocktail & wine program.  Family friendly, classic, timeless, comfortable, wood-fired cuisine..

and yes there will be s'mores.

What is Campfire?

Camping was a big part of my childhood. Real camping. In tents - with a big fire that burned from the minute we pulled into the site until the last tent was bundled & bagged. We cooked all of our meals over the open fire; but more importantly, it was our place of gathering.  It was friendship, laughter, and fun.  It was quiet starry nights, eyes barely open, cooking one last s'more, singing one last song. It was bleary-eyed early mornings, as brisk winds wafted the smell of fresh dew through the air. The smell of a campfire is so visceral, it immediately sparks memories of simple pleasures in life, gathering of friends, good food, & laughter. Campfire is a place to have a great meal, yes. But more importantly, campfire is us  sharing our passion for hospitality with our guests. Join us, let us inspire you with the experience of true hospitality and good honest food.  Welcome to Campfire.  

Live-fire cooking



Jared & Amanda Leonard

Founded in 2009 to combine Jared's love for cooking with Amanda's passion for hospitality, SSC owns and operates  10 restaurants in Chicago & Denver.  Jared & Amanda relocated to the mountains of Evergreen, CO in 2017, and currently oversee the development of new concepts for the group.

Campfire Meal
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