Campfire celebrates the time old traditions of cooking with a live fire.


We celebrate family, food, friends, and fire.  

Wood-fired Neapolitan pizza cooked by a certified pizzaiolo.  

Wood-fired rotisserie Chicken, Fish, and vegetables

Wood-fired BBQ from an award winning Pitmaster.

Cooking with fire adds character to the food that is authentic & rustic - but refined by chefs deeply steeped in tradition.

Campfire will include an expansive outdoor seating area, open kitchen, and patio-focused cocktail & wine program.  Family friendly, classic, timeless, comfortable, wood-fired cuisine..


Campfire is a place to have a great meal, yes. But more importantly, we are a restaurant that celebrates hospitality.


The word "restaurant" is derived from French word "restaurer": meaning to‘provide food for’, & more literally ‘restore to a former state’.


Join us, let us inspire you with the experience of true hospitality and good honest food.  


Welcome to Campfire.

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Wood-fired Neapolitan Certified Pizza

Steeped deep in tradition, our wood-fired pizza oven was handcrafted in Italy by the Acunto family.  since  1892, they have been hand-building these world-renowned gold standard of wood-fired pizza oven. The original method for the handmade construction of Vincenzo Acunto è statohas been passed down so far and entrusted to Gianni and to his sons.  The experience of food generations pass from hand to hand. 

Pizzaiolo and chef/partner, Bryan Rosen, has been making certified VPN Neapolitan style pizza for almost 20 years - trained by artisans from Italy. 

Roasted Zuccini
Roasted Chicken

Meet The Team


Amanda Leonard

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Life Coach, wife, mother, and business professional - Amanda has a unique ability to make everyone feel welcome.  

She had a decade-long career of running large-scale corporate events, and created our catering and events program.  She guides our catering and events team, and professionally coaches women into their true calling in life.


Bryan Rosen

Bryan joins our team with a rich history and passion for traditional Neapolitan Pizza.  He was trained by artisan pizza craftsmen, that have passed on the traditions from generation to generation.  For the past 16 years, Bryan has been cooking this style of this pizza & is excited to share it with the local community in Evergreen, CO

Campfire Meal